Gravel paths in Girona

Since several years Girona has been a magnet for cyclists. The city breathes cycling and there is a buzzing cycling community

Since several years Girona has been a magnet for cyclists. The city breathes cycling and there is a buzzing cycling community.

Many of you know that our town and its surroundings are the best place to go to for great off road cycling routes of Girona. But if you think the road cycling is great, the gravel riding will completely blow you away. The possibilities are endless!
When you are on the roads, you might not notice it but in Girona province there are still more roads made of gravel than of tarmac. Riding these old roads opens a completely new world of endless days of great riding.
For years, mountain biking has been the main cycling discipline for the locals. That means that there are also lots of great and challenging tracks and trails. Depending on your skill level, bike setup and bravery, some of those single gravel paths of Girona can add another challenging dimension to you gravel adventure.

We (the local cycling community) are riding more and more on the gravel roads and some of us have been doing it now for years. So, the local knowledge is huge in routes but also in gear and the technical aspect of the sport.

There is no better way to start your gravel adventure other than with Bravissimo which has a link with this amazing sport and can help you set off in the right direction. We can recommend the best gravel routes of Girona to you, adjusted to your level and wishes. Tell you where you can go to hire bikes, shop for gear, have the best coffee or a good meal. But most of all, we have some of the best bike friendly apartments in town with space to keep the bike in a safe place.

Because of the growing popularity of gravel cycling also all the local bike shops are there for you to help you on your gravel holiday or choosing the best off road cycling routes of Girona. In the local bike shops, you can hire great bikes (gravel and or mountain bikes), shop for new kit, get your bike fixed and get more information. Via the shops you can also book a guide or join a guided ride. The guides are all living in Girona and have a lot of experience in riding these amazing roads. The rides can be for a day or any number of days you want.
There are a couple of great shops and agencies we highly recommend.
For instance: Eat Sleep Cycle, The service Course, Grid Girona, Velodrom and Campo Bicicleta. All of them are located in the Barri Vell, the old historic center and are near our office so check the directions to our office and apartments.

So, you can see Bravissimo is a great starting point to have the best experience that you can get on your gravel holiday in Girona. We have many bike friendly apartments in our portfolio plus we know our way in the local cycling community.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you are thinking about a cycling holiday in Girona or a golf holiday due to the nice golf courses of Girona.