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Blog BRAVISSIMO 04 October 2022

Temporada Alta: culture invades Girona

The Girona and Salt performing arts festival, Temporada Alta, is, without a doubt, one of the most important events of the year. It takes off this October and, until December, it will impregnate the city with culture and theatre at the highest level.
The truly exciting thing about the festival is the union between local and international artists, between different themes, from music to the most conventional theatre, going through alternative performances. It is a performing arts festival, but it is also much more: it is a production platform and a cultural promoter. Above all, it is a festival that seeks the limits of the performing arts and their application in the city.
As sponsor of the festival, we have made a small selection of different performances:


Based on a novel by the great French writer Emmanuel Carrère, Pere Arquillué and Carlos Martínez recreate the relationship between writer and murderer. Carrère, fascinated by the true story of Jean-Claude Roman (in 1993 he killed his wife, children, and parents when it was about to be discovered that his life had been a lie), followed closely the judicial process and interviewed him several times in prison. The adaptation of this fascinating work is carried out by Cristina Genebat, Marc Artigau and Julio Manrique. A vision of life built on lies, the fear of being oneself and of failure, and how this can lead to the murder of your own family.
Show in Catalan.



“Angelica Liddell always goes on stage to shout her absolute freedom as a creator and person. She does it without concessions, without pacts”. This is how they announce it in the festival program and, if you have had the opportunity to see any of her works, you will know that they are completely true. Liddell, one of the most stimulating playwrights on the Spanish scene, appeals to the viewer to leave her passive role and become uncomfortable and react, in short, that she is part of her work. This latest project on charity and mercy is an invitation to the public to measure her capacity for compassion: Liddell believes that art deserves the same compassion as a murderer, she asks to place him above the law.
Show in Spanish and French.

XII Dramaturgy Tournament

One of the acts that, in its twelfth edition, has established itself as an essential part of the Temporada Alta festival. The format is simple but addictive: different contenders present their work, compete, and both the public present in the La Planeta and those who are watching it via streaming (yes, you can also watch it from home, just you have to go to their online platform), vote for the proposal that deserves to go to the next level. And so on until the long-awaited end. A format that was born in Girona and has already spread to Madrid and Buenos Aires.


Faemino y Cansado

Timeless, anarchic humour that tends to the absurd, this is the show by Faemino y Cansado, one of the longest-running, famous and funniest comic couples on the Spanish scene. A duo that, from the absurd, manages to talk about important things, about the meaning of life. A show for comedy lovers.
Show in Spanish.

Un año, una noche

As a performing arts festival, Temporada Alta's cinematographic offer is also very extensive. Author cinema, committed, with references to art and the creation process, etc. everything fits to enrich the festival program. One of the films that we will be able to enjoy in the Truffaut cinema hall is “Un año, una noche” by the Girona director Isaki Lacuesta. The film explains how the terrorist attack in the Bataclan theatre in Paris on the night of November 13, 2015 altered the life of a couple who managed to survive the tragedy. Based on the book "Peace, love and death metal" by Ramón González (survivor of the attack), the film reflects the effect of traumatic events on the life of survivors.
Movie in French and Spanish with subtitles in Spanish.

Confessions of Saint Augustine

In its desire to break the limits of the performing arts and to promote Girona as a stage, several of the Temporada Alta shows are performed in venues around the city. One of the most outstanding ones is this project, which is represented in the Cathedral of Girona. Joan Carreras will take on the role of Agustín de Hipona and, with nothing more than his talent and a staging in the incomparable setting of the Cathedral, will show us the philosopher's thoughts, his inner abysses, the philosophical questions that resonated in his being and, ultimately, his thought.
Show in Catalan.


Fito & Fitipaldis

Music, in all its aspects, is an inseparable element of the performing arts. Theatre, cinema, or ballet cannot be understood without music. In fact, music itself is a performing art. Within the musical offer of this edition of the Temporada Alta festival, Ute Lemper & GIO Symphonia, Xoel López, Joan Miquel Oliver (singer of the Majorcan group Antònia Font) or Fito & Fitipaldis stand out. The well-known Bilbao band commanded by Fito Cabrales is back on the road with the tour of their new album “Cada vez cadaver”, in which they will present their new songs and review the old ones in a more intimate format.

This is just a selection of some shows of the festival, Temporada Alta is much more, and the number of performances is such that, if you want to plan your visit to Girona, you can find the program in this link.