Directions to our office

The historic quarter has limited traffic access (max 3x per quarter year you are allowed to enter), and you can’t park on the street. However, you can stop and park in front of the office for a few minutes so you can unload your luggage and do the check-in. But after that you have to park the car somewhere else!
The streets are all very narrow and most of them are also one way. Our office is easily missed and if you drive just a bit too far you have to make a big loop around the old city to get back (because of the one way streets). So we hope this description will help you get to us in one go.
We advise to park first if you come by car.
Put in your navigation our address, Carrer de la Cort Reial 13, and follow the directions into the old centre. You will enter the historic center from Placa de Catalunya and you then go right to Placa del Vi, then straight to Carrer dels Ciutadans. At the end (at Placa de l’Oli) you take a very sharp left turn into Carrer de la Cort Reial.
When you are at number 10, you see on your right side tapas bar Zanpanzar and on your left a travel agency called Vinolas Viatges.
Just past the travel agency you have to go LEFT. The road takes a turn to the right, but don’t follow that! In the turn/corner go left and you will enter the little square called Cort Reial. You might think it’s not a road but it’s allowed to go in by car.
You will pass the coffee place Espresso Mafia and after 25 meters you will see our office ‘Bravissimo’ on the right.

Take a sharp left turn here 

Go straight for 50 meter.

Turn left here. Don't follow the road to the right.

Go left here. Don't worry, it's allowed.

Go in here.