Anti-covid measures

Anti-covid measures

Tourist are slowly finding Girona again after a long period of silence. A lot of people are coming back to cycle or see the golf courses in Girona.
As you might know, here in Girona we had a complete lockdown that lasted 3 months to get the outbreak of COVID-19 under control.
The people from Girona followed the set rules very strictly and life has been getting back to the "new" normal.

For us at Bravissimo, the lockdown meant that we went from having a high occupation to nearly empty apartments almost overnight.
During the height of the outbreak, the hospitals where working nonstop. Extra medical staff was brought in and everybody was working many hours a day, doing their best and putting themselves at risk in order to help save people.

Because of the extra staff and the high risk of all the people working in the hospitals bringing the virus back into their homes, the hospitals were in desperate need of housing.

Because we had almost all of our apartments empty from one day to the other, we were able to offer the largest local hospital in Girona (Hospital Josep Trueta) assistance. For several weeks, we had medical staff staying with us free of charge so they could get some necessary rest and at the same time, keep their families safe.

This is our contribution to helping out with COVID-19 during the pandemic: Girona news.

Since we are open again for our regular paying guests like families, cycling community in Girona, or people who comes for golf courses, we of course have had to change our cleaning policies and methods. Cleaning has always been very important for us but now, we of course have to look at it in a different way. We follow the guidelines set by the Spanish Government regarding the disinfection of the apartments very strictly and we try to guarantee minimum contact check-ins for our guests.

If you need any help regarding travel restrictions or rules to follow during COVID-19 in Girona, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to look up the information for you and let you know.

We are ready to welcome you and very excited for your visit!

If you are a cyclist with an itch to get back on the road and explore the amazing community Girona has to offer, you can have a look at some off road cycling routes in Girona or gravel paths in Girona.
We are also used to accommodating golfers here in Girona, since it’s a wonderful destination for it. There are many golf courses in Girona, Golf Girona being the closest to home or PGA Catalunya being one of the most emblematic ones, and many others.
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