Blog BRAVISSIMO woensdag 5 augustus 2020

Girona - Gravel Hot Spot

Since several years Girona has been a magnet for cyclists. The city breathes cycling and there is a buzzing cycling community.

Many of you know that Girona is the place to go to for great cycling. But if you think the cycling is great, the gravel riding will completely blow you away.
The possibilities are endless! In Girona province are still more roads made of gravel than of tarmac. Riding those old roads opens a completely new world of endless days of great riding.
For years mountain biking was the main cycling discipline for the locals. That means that there are also lots of great and challenging tracks and trails.

We (the local cycling community) are riding more and more on the gravel and some of us are doing it for years now. So, the local knowledge is huge. In routes but also in gear and the technical aspect of it.

In the local bike shops, you can hire great bikes (gravel and or mountain bikes) and get more information.

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