8 great restaurants in Girona

We offer you a selection of 8 notable restaurants in Girona.

Girona has not only the beauty and history of its streets and squares, but also the gastronomic offer of Girona is truly exceptional. It doesn't matter if you like traditional or avant-garde food, whether you like Catalan or Oriental food, the offer of restaurants in Girona is endless. In addition, Girona is currently experiencing a wave of restaurant openings that do nothing but elevate the culinary level of the city.
Although preferences are very personal when it comes to restaurants, we offer you a small selection of 8 notable restaurants:

restaurant el celler de can roca girona

Source: Celler de Can Roca
We could not start a list of the best restaurants in Girona without naming El Celler de Can Roca, the most iconic restaurant in the city, which has 3 Michelin stars and has been awarded twice as the best restaurant in the world in "The world's 50 best restaurants”.
Due to the high demand, they have created a reservation system: every first day of the month, at 00:00, the new reservation period opens. Availability is low, therefore it is important to book well in advance.
For those whose budget is smaller (or have not found a place in El Celler), the Roca brothers have opened "Normal", a restaurant in Plaça de l'Oli, in the center of Girona. Normal, as they say, is a kitchen proposal that "reminds us where we come from and wants to reinforce the intuitive gesture of slow cooking over real flame, with the aromas of a kitchen that comes from far away in time". An good option to get to know the cuisine of the Roca brothers.

restaurant massana girona

Source: Restaurant Massana
Girona has very good restaurants, so we continue with a Michelin star restaurant. A family business with more than 30 years of experience. The restaurant started with chef Pere Massana and his wife, Ana Roger, and now they also have their children in the project: one in the dining and one in the kitchen.
A very elegant restaurant that combines tradition and innovation, with great respect for raw materials and presentation. The star dish that everybody must try if they go to La Massana, is the Tribute to the duck breast Massana, which has remained uninterrupted on the menu since 1986.
For those who want to taste the cuisine of La Massana at a more affordable price, they also own the Nu restaurant, next to Plaça del Vi. With a young but experienced team, it offers modern cuisine, constantly being updated, and with a clear desire to create trends.

restaurant divinum girona

Source: Divinum
One of the essential restaurants in Girona. Located on Carrer de l'Albereda, next to Plaza Catalunya, it is an haute cuisine restaurant at a more affordable price than the previous two. In the restaurant of Joan Morillo and Laura Tejero you will enjoy a first magnitude gastronomic experience.
The space, very diaphanous and with vaulted ceilings, invites you to enjoy a meal in a relaxed setting. The team takes a big role, very attentive and with exquisite treatment. Without a doubt, the Divinum is a restaurant from which you will always leave satisfied and happy.

restaurant si no fos girona

Source: premisarquitectura.cat
One of the newly created restaurants that shows the culinary effervescence of Girona. Opened in 2019, Chef Marc Ramos offers a very “rocky” proposal: open kitchen, quality and local products, pleasant service, and food to share.
Among so much quality, the meats stand out (they have steaks with different maturations), the “fried eggs with Joselito” and the fresh products from the market. In short, a restaurant that will not leave you indifferent. If you are one of those who like quality food in a more informal setting, “Si no fos” is your restaurant.

restaurant umai girona

Source: Umai Girona
If you are into oriental cuisine, Umai is a must. Located in Plaça Josep Pla, this small restaurant has long been one of Girona's culinary references. As you enter you transport to Japan: relaxed atmosphere, impeccable service and top-quality food. Also, if you are one of those who enjoys watching the cooking process, at Umai you can sit at the bar to admire the chef's arts. You will be speechless.
Among the wide variety of dishes, the muna maki stuffed with butterfish and marinated pumpkin with caramelized foie gras micuit on top is a delight.
In addition, the Umai also offers Take Away service. If you like to eat at home, you can enjoy quality oriental cuisine in the comfortable and quiet atmosphere of our apartments.
For sushi lovers, in Girona there are high-quality alternatives such as One, the recently released U-35 or Nomo.

restaurant le bistrot girona

Source: Bravissimo
Considered one of the most romantic place in Girona, Le Bistrot has a privileged location: on the steps of Pujada de Sant Martí and Pujada de Sant Domènec, in the heart of Barri Vell. The terrace, surrounded by history, is ideal for a drink while you wait to eat.
The interior follows the same line as the exterior: traditional and charming decoration, as if time would have stopped. The space, very cozy and with pleasant lighting, makes it ideal to go with your partner or friends.
The food is traditional, of good quality and very good value for money.
A place that never fails.

restaurant plaça del vi 7 girona

Source: Instagram Plaça del Vi 7
The name of this restaurant tells us two things: that it is in a privileged location (in plaça del Vi, in front of Town Hall) and that it has a careful selection of wines. The place, in the heart of Girona, has a very nice and quiet terrace under the typical arches. The interior is very cozy, in which you can spend hours without realizing it.
And what about the winery, simply amazing: wines of all kinds and prices, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. If you enjoy a good glass of wine, this place is a must.

restaurant cal ros girona

Source: Cal Ros
The restaurant is located in the Barri Vell of Girona, on Carrer de la Cort Reial 9, under the “Rosés” arches. This restaurant has a long tradition, previously it was an inn, a meeting point for merchants and traders. As of August 2017, the management of the restaurant passed into the hands of young chef from Girona, Marc Fiol.
The interior is charming, combining characteristic elements of the city (the counter, for example, is a piece of the “peixateries velles” bridge) with more modern elements, work of the well-known Girona artist Sergi Cadenas.
As far as cuisine is concerned, the menu is constantly being updated, offering excellent dishes with high-quality local products treated with great respect: traditional Catalan cuisine with signature touches.

These are just some of the best restaurants in Girona, but there are many more. At the Bravissimo reception we will be happy to make recommendations according to your tastes and needs.